The Candy Girl's Guide to an Amazing 2010!

We break down 12 goals for every aspect of your life and what you need to achieve them. In just 12 months, you'll be able to bring out the best in yourself!
By Angel Constantino
Illustrations by Ben Deluyas and Nicole Lim

Published: Candy Magazine, January-February 2010
Section: Special

I love working on specials like this because it helps our readers achieve their goals one step at a time. This goal guide contains big and little goals, things to arm yourself with, as well as "The Big Result," which shows what you will gain in the end. At our last meeting, the Council of Cool girls said they really liked this special. I also came across a Candy Girl's blog, saying she was inspired by it. :)
To see the rest of the goal guide, amazing fashion spreads, beauty tips, celebrity features, relationship advice, and more, grab a copy of Candy's Jan-Feb 2010 issue with Taylor Swift on the cover!


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